Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hezbollah Rearming

The United Nations report of Hezbollah rearming in Lebanon has been received internationally with silence. When the 2006 Israeli - Lebanon conflict began, the world was on its feet vocally condemning Israel. Little was made then, and now, of a terrorist organization indulging in illegal activities on a foreign soil. What was more important, was world condemnation of the Jewish State.

Today, had a UN report stated a build up of IDF forces on the Lebanese border, a resolution demanding some form of reverse action from the IDF would have been passed with frightening speed. And things are only going to get worse.

Since Israel’s independence in 1948, it has been victim to deplorable terrorism, which no other legal soverien state would be expected to suffer. In fact, none of the permanent members of the United Nations would ever have allowed the escalation of these attacks get to a level in their lands, which they expect Israel to endure. However China, France, Russia, United Kingdom, and somewhat, the United States, have all let Israel be the casualty of the Arab world wrath.

Why is this? Could it be their dependence on Oil? Would they idly sit back and allow their double standards to play a roll in their foreign policy. Of course they would, if it meant that their economies would not be affected. This thesis has been well documented by great scholars.

What is troubling now however is will the international ‘ceiling of tolerance’ regarding terrorist crimes against Israel be raised even higher now that the world’s oil is fast running out. Will the Arab nations, striving to rid the planet of Israel, raise their game in their quest for the Jewish states destruction?

The Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas (ASPO) states that oil production has all but peaked. To ‘Peak’ is when the cost of extracting and refining oil becomes more than its value. In other words the supplies are drying up.

This information although public has been scoffed at by most of the world’s leading oil dependent nations. Behind closed doors however panic has set in, and their actions speak louder than words. None more so, than our closest friend, USA. Their foreign and military policy is now driven by the need to protect its interests, oil.

This can only spell disaster for Israel. If the international community, in desperation to keep the dwindling oil supplies flowing, has to indeed allow sponsored terrorism to perpetrate greater crimes against Israel, it will. As it is now, the world is allowing Iran to carry on undeterred in its quest to eliminate Israel with nuclear weapons. Iran openly threatens and promises its desires with little or no action from the United Nations.

So once again Israel will be left to its own devices to survive.

A very small dimmer of light is the increasing public concern over Islamic Fundamentalist actions occurring throughout Europe. Even liberal countries like Holland and Denmark are being exposed to the darker side of Islamic terror. It’s quite possible that the Anti-Semitic veil that has covered the eyes of Christian Europe will soon be lifted as it too battles with a fanaticism that Israel has confronted for years. True there are two ideologies at play here, a group of people determined to rid another from a land, and a group of people determined to force upon another its religious beliefs. However the means to the end are carried out through the same action, and that is terrorism.