Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Human Race v Individual Race............

With the EU allowing cell phones to be used on airplanes, and Virgin Atlantic announcing you can now blow dry your hair while sitting in your seat, a thought occurred to me. When these new marketing tools and policies were being thought of, didn’t anyone consider the inconvenience, annoyance and nerve this would be on the rest of us.

Of course not. With present day evidence that we, the human race, can sit by and watch countries destroy countries, allow starvation to run rampant and do nothing, and watch man commit genocide against fellow man and not be fazed, why would we be perturbed about someone talking non stop nonsense loudly in our ears as we are stuck in our seat.

Well we would.
When it comes to me, I and mine, we’ll turn the world upside down to get our own way. And heaven help us if we are told NO! We become this crazed animal. Ask Naomi Campbell.

So how are the airline companies going to deal with this new threat at 37, 000 feet?

Traveling by air has become more frustrating and difficult as the years go by. (It defies logic). I’ve seen fights before the plane has even taken off. When one traveler discovered his overhead compartment had been filled by another’s luggage before he even took his seat. Out came the invading piece from the commandeered space, and thus up jumped the invading luggage’s owner. Before you knew it, a good old school yard fight was in hand. It was fake Louis Vuitton vs. Samsonite. Where is Don King when you need him?

What will happen when tired, cramped, and fed up hearing your neighbor yelling in his cell phone about nothing for the past 2 hours, a hair dryer suddenly pops out.

How unmoved and apathetic will you be then?