Thursday, May 22, 2008

John McCain, the Sacrificial Lamb.

Don’t for one minute think that the Republicans have anything but an alternate motive behind John McCain being the nominee for the Presidential election. A man that has been scoffed at, ridiculed, and only months ago was trailing dismally in the nominee race. And that from his own party. So how can we explain his astonishing revival?

Simple. John McCain will be the Republican’s Sacrificial Lamb.

Deep within the Republican Party ranks, those who pull the power strings have come to the conclusion that it’s better for the next president to be a Democrat.

Think about it.

The last 8 years have seen the USA fall to dismally low levels of efficiency and respect around the world. This has had a significant negative result on America’s well being throughout the world, as both business partner and defender of the peace. The failures are incredible and we’ve only just begun to experience the consequences. We are about to endure some very dark days. The Bush administration’s reckless policies are catching up with us fast. Whoever takes over at the helm will have at least 4 years of hell trying to put things right again.

If the Republican’s win this presidential election in November, they will stand alone as the party responsible for these awful times. History will show 12 dismal years under a Republican president. With this record, the Republicans would by ostracized by the American people for years to come.

So what better solution for the Republicans than to back a lame nominee who has very little chance of winning, and let the Democrats enter the white house. That way in 4 years the Republicans will have a much better chance of getting back into power as all focus will have been shifted on to the Democrats. This way the Democrats will share part of this piece of infamous history even though it all originated from the George W. Bush era.

Imagine too the Conservative jubilation to see not only the failings of a Democratic president, (due to Bush’s mistakes) but with the added bonus that it will be either a black or female president who falls. All of Karl Rove’s Christmases at once.

After all politics is about transferring the blame, not solving the problems.